Self love

Now that the most important day in this great month of love is past, I know people will be counting their losses on what they spent on a single day, I want to address those who spent the day alone, either by choice or by circumstances.

According to me, I believe that Valentine’s has been overrated. It shouldn’t be about those who are in a relationship, it is a day to show love to everyone important or close to you, that includes yourself. Treat yourself to something good be it a meal or even a day at the spa (if you can afford it) or you can invite your parents to join you.

Sometimes back, I was told or rather warned against going to a restaurant alone,and to be honest right now I regret listening to those people. You don’t always need people in order to enjoy yourself. Some of us are even happier when they are on their own.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned over the past few years is that before you get into any relationship, especially a romantic one, you should first love yourself enough such that you won’t be broken entirely if the relationship does not work.

Go sit in that hotel alone, have the meal alone, go for tours alone, people to be honest, will talk but as long as you’re happy, never be worried about what people say. Love on yourself till it hurts, especially those who think that you can’t.

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