Ask anyone what they are looking for in a life partner,be it a husband or a wife and there will be one common answer to all of them. They want someone who is mature. But what does this ‘being mature’ really mean.

It’s funny that some of us may seem mature but in the real sense they aren’t. Maturity, which I think is the same as being grown up means that you know how to handle yourself in different situations. It’s not necessarily what you go through on a daily or regular basis, but rather a very new and at times,a very uncomfortable situation. That’s when you can be sure that you’re mature.

In this age of technology and social media, we find ourselves in relationships at a very early age, mainly due to the exposure we already have. Many youths had their first relationship at the age of either 14,15 or 16 according to studies. Those, to be very honest, are normally just experiments to see or find out what the relationship world was all about. Many of them didn’t work out.

Then some came to the university and started dating again. This time it was quite different because they could see each other more often and they had the chance to even live together. This is the point where I believe maturity is tested. Living together means that you have to tolerate,and if you love someone,accept them with their ‘awful behavior.

The way in which we go about our relationships also determines whether we are mature. Petty issues, which in my opinion are non- issues,being the contentious issues in a relationship means that either one or the both of you aren’t mature enough for the relationship.

Get into a relationship when both your mind and heart are mature to handle it, in the meantime, just focus on growing yourself to save yourself the repeated heartbreaks.

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