New Year’s resolutions

It’s that time of the year again. A time when we are reflective of the year,and in this case, the decade that was. We are quite hopeful and optimistic about the year and decade ahead. That leads us to the issue today, about making New Year’s resolutions

Many are the times that we make resolutions, maybe living a better and healthier lifestyle, probably financial goals of maybe saving up for a vacation or to invest the money in something like land, or like me, who hopes to be writing more and interacting with you guys. However, the sad and unfortunate truth is that a few months,if not weeks into the new year, we give up and just stop acting on our resolutions.

I cannot lie and say that I have tips on how to follow up on your New Year’s resolutions, but I believe you and I know that commitment and consistency is key. If you ever feel that you want to give up,probably miss a day at the gym or take out some of the money that you have saved up and splurge, remind yourself of the end goal. What did you intend to achieve by making those sacrifices that you promised to make at the beginning of the year? Let that always be a constant reminder and conerstone of your pursuit of your New Year’s resolutions.

As we prepare for the festive season and as we go into a new year, let us remember that with commitment and consistency, anything is possible, and I also hope that this coming year God willing, I will also follow my own advice.