Sometime back, I was watching a YouTube video of Adele, the Grammy award winning British singer. She was explaining she named her albums after her age. Her most recent album,25, she said reflected the things that she was feeling at the time that she wrote and recorded the songs. So I decided that in the spirit of celebrating my birthday, I thought that I would share the lessons I have learnt

  • Some things are better left unsaid. We often try to seek closure on a lot of things, like end of romantic relationships. Sometime, the people we love just wake up one day and say that the relationship is over, and the reason is one that we’d rather not hear. Just know that sometimes, things are better left unsaid.
  • Always take time to heal. Once a romantic relationship is over, it’s better to just take time. Time to heal, to put the pieces back together and to find yourself after all is said and done. Jumping into another relationship just leads to more pain and heartbreak. Mourning the relationship also helps with moving on.
  • No matter what people say, what you feel comfortable with is what matters most. I have read several pieces about how to deal with a break-up and honestly, no one is the same. Some of the steps we take to deal with heartbreak are different and at times, they are considered petty but as long as those steps give you peace of mind, it doesn’t matter what other people think.
  • Not everyone is going to like you. Boy,did I get a shock this past year. I had always thought that I’m the most friendly person on the face of this earth( sorry for blowing my own trumpet) but that is not exactly the case. Sometimes, you just meet people who don’t feel that way about you,and it’s OK. We are not always destined to make friends with everyone and it is OK. And it’s not you who is the problem, and neither is the other person, all you should do is accept and move on.
  • Life and circumstances often prepare you for better things. You have to lose friends to really see that you deserve more from yourself. You may need to lose such people to find out some things about yourself and who you really are.
  • Listen more and speak less. We are always told that the tongue is a very powerful weapon, but I did not understand until last year. I have since learnt that its not always prudent to speak and silence is better. When you learn to listen more,you get to know how to measure your words and you even learn more when you are silent.

I have learnt so much in these past 12 months and I hope that in the next 12 months I can be able to learn more and share it with you my dear readers.

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