Ask my shoe

After months and months of reflection on what I wanted to do with my life,I remembered this space and thought that maybe it would be cathartic for me to get back to something I had started loving and see if this time it would love me back.

But enough about that. In my reflections, I also remembered the song that forms the topic of today’s blog. The song in itself talks about how a guy works hard to impress a girl that he is pursuing and how he makes sacrifices by even foregoing basic things like “good” food to get money to splurge and spend on his significant other. It got me thinking and I decided to bring the topic up with a group of my friends when we met up recently (now that the COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed).

I began by posing a question to the ladies in the group and asked them what does ‘financially stable’ in terms of who their ideal partner would be and do they think that they also needed to be stable as well when getting into a relationship. The topic actually at some point got so heated that people were close to throwing punches as the debate was divided between the men and the members of the fairer sex. However,at the end,there were some very valid arguments that were raised and they form part of this week’s post.

When it comes to financial stability, some women want to meet a man who has alreday ‘made it in life’ and can satisfy their needs,which is,to put it simply,unfair. Men nowadays are under immense pressure to have secured the bag by a certain point in their life, and if not they will not get the mate of their dreams. On the flipside,when the revenue streams of these financially stable men dries up,the women pack and leave because they cannot handle the pressure of living with a broke guy. It is also quite counterintuitive that these women who want such kind of men sometimes do not also want to be financially stable themselves.

In conclusion, by the time the discussion and tensions were cooling down, we gad all come to some form of common ground; no matter how you look at it,money cannot buy happiness. Financial stability or independence doesn’t guarantee that your relationship will be strong. In stead,both parties should comeninto the relationship ready to work on themselves and each other in order to achievd the financial stability they so desire.

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