Greatest love of all

Whitney…Oh Whitney. This woman had a voice and a heart of gold. Being a child of the late 90s,I found my parents were ardent fans of this amazing woman and I eventually joined them. My mother still hums this song while she does her things around the house. At my age,I have also become quite philosophical, I listen to music not just for entertainment but also to find meaning in the lyrics.

As is the tradition with my friends and I, we organised a little road trip out of the city to just get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and our jobs and lives in general. When we got to our destination, the only thing we were all anticipating was a bonfire that the place we were staying at held at night. As we sat there around the fire, a friend of ours just began singing the song that forms our topic of the day,and it got me thinking,do we really love ourselves?

I can’t remember where I heard this from,but whoever I heard it from said that as you get into a relationship, you should love with just 80% of your heart and 20% with your brain. What does this mean? It means that as you get into a relationship with anyone, you have to remember that the other person is also human like you and they have their flaws. The 20% you leave is for you to use your common sense and know how to deal with these flaws.On top of that,you should be able to love yourself enough to be able to love the other person. Once I mentioned self love, my friends began talking about how after people end a relationship,they begin “preaching”.

They were talking about how people begin posting some motivational messages and quotes after a break up. After thinking about it,I came to this conclusion. When the relationship is over, one has the capacity to see all that was wrong with the relationship but we often forget that the relationship was good for sometime before it went downhill.

Finally,one should remember that no one will ever love you or value your impact in the world more than yourself. I believe that with that,you’d have found the greatest love of all.

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