Don’t you remember

Sorry for not being there last week guys, you know how tiring it gets sometimes, plus I had exams so priorities you know. They are not over yet but I had to come here and say something to you.

The song that forms the title for this week’s post is an amazing song done by my favorite artists of this century Adele herself from her first album which has also played a part on this page. However, this time my post doesn’t involve my ever-present group of friends but rather a moment of introspection. It got me thinking about exes, and how at times break ups can be ugly and messy. We have all been witnesses if not victims of these situations and they leave us with lessons, and even sometimes questions about our self worth.

Enough about the ugly part. Now let’s talk about another part. A part where said ex comes back, tail between their legs begging for your forgiveness after leaving you in the dust. Don’t they at times remember what they did? What even causes them to want to come back into your life? For those of you who have seen the ugly part of being left or being dumped know how hard it is to pick up the pieces. It takes time but eventually you pick up, and just when you begin feeling the sunshine hit your face again, the dark cloud comes back,

You should never despair in such a situation. I am not the relationship expert, as you can tell from previous posts, but I believe that the ex should be reminded of how they left you and how it took you a long time to get over what they did to you and not to mention even thinking about getting back together with said person. It is understandable to go back to such a person but you should be very aware that you can do better than them, since they maybe left you since they found someone better than you.

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