I have to admit something to you guys, when I joined university, I had this addiction to singer songwriter Anne Marie. All her songs according to me were bangers(actually still are). But the first song I heard of Anne Marie was the one that forms this week’s post.

As a student in university where basically everything is allowed, if you know what I mean *wink* , then comes a very complicated question, can a guy and a girl be just friends. According to me, I believe that a healthy platonic relationship in the name of friendship with someone of the opposite sex is something that is very much achievable and realistic. However our group of friends didn’t share the exact sentiments.

We were having a group study session since we’re in the exam period, and when we went on break this question was brought to the table. It was quite funny that this same group of friends is an unhealthy balance between the ladies and the gents but they all seemed to have the same ideas about different sex friendship, Seeing as I was on my own in terms of my opinion, I decided to come share my thoughts with you guys.

If you were to ask me, I believe that friendship between a man and a woman, especially in this young school going age that I am or at any other point in life is possible. I also think that is one of the points that our generation has gone wrong. We do not believe that we can have platonic friendships with people of the opposite sex which means that we might find it hard to understand them when we get romantically involved. Many amazing love stories, for the romantics in the house like myself, start from good friendships. It wouldn’t hurt to try it once in a while now, would it?

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